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Mountains Bad for Blogging

My posts have been a bit scarce over the past couple of months. I can blame this on many things, but most recently insane camping trips in the dead of winter are to blame.  Hopefully the gorgeous views will make camping in January seem little saner to you. Click here for more photos.

Enough of camping, where are the food related posts? Isn’t this a food blog?!

Calm down, Restaurant Week is this week and I will be participating in TWO different states. Posts will surely follow.


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Farmer’s Markets are soooo in right now. Only the coolest D.C. hipsters spend $3/pound on peaches grown in West Virginia but “locally sold” at Eastern Market.

If Farmer’s Markets are the new hot thing, then my grandma has been ahead of the curve for awhile. She shopped at the Raleigh Farmer’s Market long before the “buy local” food movement. To her it just makes sense to buy fresh produce from local farmers.

I took grandma to the Farmer’s Market during my visit to Raleigh this past weekend. This place is 30,000 acres of North Carolina goodness. Unlike Eastern Market, the prices at the Raleigh Farmer’s Market won’t make you run back to Whole Foods just to save a few bucks.

I didn’t spend my entire time in North Carolina at the Farmer’s Market. I also met the newest members of the Thomas family and the Tilley family. If you like cute babies then you will enjoy my Flickr updates!

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Mel’s Baby Shower

The Golden Girls threw a baby shower for our first mom-to-be member, Melody! We kept things classy with games like…

Guess the flavor of the baby food!

Dress the baby while blind folded!

…and the always popular stroller races!

I am slowly posting the rest of the pictures to the Flickr page. Keep a look out for them over the next couple of days!

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Minute To Win It!

We had a Minute to Win it themed party for my 26th birthday.  Check out the Flickr page for more pictures of Huong’s awesome red velvet birthday cake and the crazy party games.

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Dan graduated with his Ph.D. last weekend! We had a blast celebrating the end of 8 years of higher education with family and friends. Photos of the festivities are on the Flickr page. Cooking adventures to resume next weekend.

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No, this isn’t chapter three of Project Bleu. God forbid I take a break!

Actually, I was down in Charleston, SC this weekend for a wedding and Gemma bonding time.  Check out the pictures from the trip on my Flickr page while I slave over chapter three.

Reason to visit SC: Praline Gelato.

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Classy Appetizers

Location: Elizabeth’s NYE party

Chef: Melody

Recipe: Allrecipes.com

Also seen at: SeriousEats.com

Apparently penguins are the hot new appetizer this season. Mel put these together for Elizabeth’s New Year’s Eve party in NC. Based on the number of photos taken of these little guys, they were a hit. Be advised: they maybe cute but that cuteness does not come without some dedicated manual labor. Those little feet won’t cut themselves.

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