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Glutton for Punishment

Wow, finishing a project is a great feeling. After three months of mostly weekend renovation work, we finally finished our guest bathroom. As a refresher, this is what it looked like before…

…and here is what we now affectionately refer to as “the pretty bathroom.”

Surely we would take a nice, long break after taking on such a major project. Well, you haven’t seen our master bathroom, have you?

Our master bath came with several less than desirable features, such as a Bath Fitter shower (mildew included) and cracked tile. We knew that this bathroom would require the most rehab work, even when we were first looking at the house. We weren’t wrong.

That’s right, we have started another project. This project is the project that keeps on giving. The tile came out easily enough. Unfortunately, what we found underneath did not.

If you look closely, you can see TWO layers of plywood sheathing. The layers were held in place with what felt like 10,000 spiral screws. We also discovered that the bathroom at one point had a linoleum floor. That layer also had to go. Dan spent, literally, from 10am through 4pm just ripping out the plywood sheathing and the linoleum layer. Now the floor looks like this…

After our experience with the floor, we were a bit worried about what we would find behind the Bath Fitter shower. It came off with just a little Dan power…

Honestly, we didn’t find as much mold as we anticipated. We did, however, find tile on top of sheet rock. Just another gift from the bathroom that keeps on giving. Obviously, the tile had to go.

Now we have yet another gutted bathroom on our hands. Keep a look out for updates as we transform our tiny master bathroom!


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Quick House Update

We honored our veterans this Memorial Day weekend by throwing all of our energy into the house. Here is the progress so far…

Remember the doorless quasi-closet in the guest bathroom?

Dan’s awesome wood working skills transformed the space into a built in shelving area.

The guest bedroom now enjoys some color…

Last but not least, a light fixture upgrade in the living room from the Gilded Age seen below…

To the Ikea Age!


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I’m Baaaaccck

Buying/moving into/renovating our first home really makes doing anything other than working on said home impossible. We even went without internet for an ENTIRE WEEK, all because of our home’s endless distractions.

Needless to say, I haven’t baked since we settled on March 18th. I’m lucky if I can even find cabinet space for my flour(s). Instead I have been adding a bit of color to our first rehab project, the guest bathroom!

As you can see from the picture, I am epically bad at edging. I’ll let you guess who is banned from edging on the next painting project…and it isn’t Dan.

Yard sale trolling has also taken me away from baking, but for good reason. Where else can you get two wicker patio chairs for $25?

I should be able to post with more regularity now (having an internet connection helps). Let’s try to bake some thing next weekend, okay?

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