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The Southeast has truly earned this week’s fall like temperatures. This past summer was the hottest summer on record for the United States. Maryland, North Carolina, and Virginia all set records for the warmest summer ever. Ever!

If you are looking for a way to toast the end of a particularly hellish summer, allow me to recommend Brooklyn Brewery’s pumpkin ale. Pumpkin is not the star flavor in this beer, which is why I like it so much. This beer is spicy like grandma’s pumpkin pie. If you want a beer that is sticky sweet like Food Lion’s pumpkin pie, then I would recommend Blue Moon’s Harvet Moon. You don’t want Food Lion pie, do you?


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It gets better…it comes as a t-shirt.

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Godiva Bakery

For just $28 (and $30 in overnight shipping charges) you too can enjoy the franchised baked delights of Godiva’s new bakery collection. Godiva just premiered this latest business venture and only sells a few items. When Georgetown Cupcake sells 6 for a comparable price (shipping not required) it is hard to image that Godiva’s version will be worthwhile.

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Waffle Fantastic

Food art you can wear on your ears. Made by Stéphanie Kilgast and found at Etsy.com.

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Baker Bling

Stylish and delicious, this charm from Tiffany’s would suit any baker (including me…hint…hint…).

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