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New Website!

Dear Friends,

I have decided to pick this little hobby back up, but in a different format. You can now follow my posts on this website. I’ll continue to post recipes, house updates and mostly happy thoughts.

With Love,



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I have been told that the one year anniversary is a big deal. Dan and I dated for 9 years before finally tying the knot, so it’s hard to even remember that we’re supposed to do something for an anniversary. Despite being awkward in the anniversary department, I think we made a good choice by celebrating at 2941.

Appetizer: Blue Crab Risotto

Is it tacky to share an appetizer? To be fair, the waitress suggested sharing an appetizer before we even implied wanting one. Regardless, I’m glad we ordered the risotto because it captured, in one dish, how much thought the chef put into his food. The menu humbly described the risotto with goat cheese, candied lemon, grape tomatoes, and basil. This description missed details such as the somehow liquefied goat cheese (perhaps mixed with cream?) with a texture like steamed milk. We discovered the basil in a pureed, oil reduction coating the bottom of the bowl. It was almost mischievous how the bright green pool of basil oil appeared in the dish after the first spoonful. I did not notice the candied lemon, but I did notice how the acidity of the grape tomatoes highlighted the flavor of the basil.

Second social etiquette question: What do you do when you don’t know how to properly eat the dish that you are served? I typically rely on the “copy the person sitting beside you” technique. This strategy was not an option for us. We did not order this dish. The table next to us did not order this dish. The restaurant gave it to us as a treat. It came in a small, porcelain spoon and at first glace looked like roe. The well trained wait staff explained (without forcing us to ask) that the dish was a peach and apricot mixture with a texture similar to preserves. It came with a dollop of sweet cream and a tiny herb that I didn’t recognize but tasted like licorice. Of course we didn’t ask the wait staff how to properly eat the dish (it should also be noted that we only had a fork and a knife at the time). Instead Dan stealthily dipped his bread into the spoon just to see if it was a sweet or savory dish. In the end we said “bottoms up” and ate it straight out of the spoon. Luckily no one kicked us out of the restaurant.

Main Course
I chose the duck breast for the main course and Dan chose the salmon. The duck breast came in a bing cherry reduction, which reminded me of a mild balsamic vinaigrette. The duck also came with shredded romano beans, which didn’t contribute much in the way of taste but did add color to the mostly red and brown color scheme. Dan’s salmon came with an almond potato gnocchi flavored with lavender. This was not your typical gnocchi. The gnocchi looked like the chef baked it instead of rolling it into bite sized portions. It was very creamy, almost the consistency of ricotta. I could tell that the almond mellowed out the overpowering tendency of the lavender; however, lavender was the prominent flavor.

Dessert, All Three of Them

I always take a look at a restaurant’s dessert menu, just out of principle. 2941’s dessert menu is creative but it featured desserts that aren’t my style (like a liquor soaked baba). We opted to share the sorbet platter, which included blueberry, white peach, apricot-passion and raspberry-litchi. The white peach had a very mild but sweet flavor. The blueberry sorbet had a deep, vibrant color but a subtle flavor. Dan enjoyed the raspberry-litchi the most. I enjoyed the apricot-passion fruit.

Ending the evening with shared sorbet wasn’t very glutinous, and we were feeling pretty proud of ourselves for making that decision. Little did we know, the wait staff had other plans. Our waitress brought us the Duke Blueberry Parfait as a treat for celebrating our one year anniversary. The parfait was a mixture of blueberry panna cotta and blueberry yogurt. The menu described the garnish on the panna cotta as “wildflower honey croutons.” I’m not sure what wildflowers taste like, but the croutons tasted more like cookies to me.

We couldn’t finish the parfait. Our stomachs were overwhelmed. Neither of us wore our elastic waist pants. Then they brought us yet ANOTHER dessert. The final course was a trio of candies. One was a chocolate covered homemade marshmallow. The second was a white, Turkish delight like candy with walnuts and candied fruit. The final was a light-as-air lemon meringue cookie that simply dissolved in our mouths. The cookie was, by far, the most impressive of the trio.

As we waddled by the restaurant’s koi pond at the end of the evening, watching the valets scramble over someone’s Porsche, we agreed that 2941 was the right choice for a first anniversary.

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